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How Important is Backup and Disaster Recovery for Your Smart Office?

How Important is Backup and Disaster Recovery for Your Smart Office?

Recently, we’ve been chatting about all things smart offices. Smart offices are buildings where automation and optimization are inbuilt into their design, by way of systems and devices that simply “make worklife easier”. With all this new tech in your office, you need to make sure that backup and disaster recovery is at the forefront of your mind. When systems fail, catch a nasty virus, fall victim to natural disaster, or even just Terry goes on a tech-killing rampage when the printer refuses to cooperate again, you need to be prepared.

Backup and recovery of your smart office devices, settings, and autonomous flows, needs to be just as important as the backup of your data servers if you want to continue working with the least amount of disruption.

Cloud and hybrid cloud for data, services, and infrastructure

If you haven’t yet switched over to cloud, or at least hybrid-cloud, infrastructure in your business, then building up a smart office is a good time to do so. While on-premise data storage, applications, and systems infrastructure have been the traditional business tech model, perhaps with daily offsite backups, this model is approaching the end of its lifespan.

With the power of fast internet now available to many businesses, a cloud-based data, infrastructure, and services model mean that all these elements can be stored, run, and managed off-site. These are then available to use by people with correctly configured accounts, devices, and settings from anywhere with an internet connection.

Instead of having to dial in via a business’s VPN, users can utilize business data from the cloud. With a smart office configuration, this may look like checking all the office lights are off over the holidays, via a smartphone interface.

Not ready for the full switch?

Rolling over your systems to cloud services for backup and recovery does take time and can end up being a significant investment. If you are looking for a “lite” option for smart office backup and recovery, there’s products for that.

Amazon Web Services have their Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, where you can connect devices to the cloud, manage them from anywhere, capture, process and transform data between devices and software, and gain further insights through IoT analytics. Because this data is stored offsite, and you can create snapshots of the state, even if your building burns down, once insurance replaces your devices, you’ll be able to get back up and running again quickly.

Aren’t there security concerns with switching to cloud?

While businesses may be wary that this might come with increased security concerns, the opposite is true, if you are using a trusted service provider to manage security for you. Cloud options from the likes of Amazon and Microsoft have far more inbuilt protection than your systems will ever have – security breaches are mainly the result of misconfiguration by the client.

The key to systems security – and smart office security – is in the configuration. If you don’t have an expert on the team, then you’ll need to engage the services of someone who can do the configuration for you – or risk misconfiguration which can lead to security issues.

Your smart office is growing

At the end of the day, everyone’s smart office is growing, some at a faster pace than others. If all that you have automated in your office at present is your self-opening entryway, then you already have your backup and recovery handy – the key, and perhaps replacing a fuse. However, once you start adding things like automated temperature control, smart room bookings, and smart lighting, you want to ensure that if these systems go down that you can get the information and settings back to their previous state.

Over the next 10 years everyone’s office will start utilizing these automation and optimization systems, so managing them correctly from the beginning is key to a harmonious IT infrastructure. The faster that you realise what needs to be done to reduce the risk of failure across the office, the better prepared you’ll be should you encounter bumps in the road. And as we all know, there is always a bump or two in the road when it comes to IT. But at least with the right measures in place, if a device goes haywire and needs a replacement, it’ll pick up right where its faulty counterpart left off.

A1 Technologies can help with the creation and management of your smart office systems, or other cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure. It’s our mission to allow businesses to capture the power of advances in automation, optimization, and decentralization of IT systems, to get your business running more smoothly, efficiently, and effectively than ever before. Ask us how we can get you up to speed.


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