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4 Smart Office Devices To Use to Save Resources Right Now

We recently caught up on the dream smart office and how IoT devices are revolutionising the workplace. However, having a fully integrated and operable smart office isn’t generally within everyone’s budget just yet. That’s why today we thought we’d take a look at a few smart products that you can implement in the office now, without having to blow the budget.

Automated sign-in processes to avoid manual clock in

Does your workplace operate with a sign in / sign out process to clock hours on the job? You can easily automate this process without the swipe card system, using just one very inexpensive device. Installing Bluetooth beacon technology at your entry point can ensure that your staff are always clocked in when they arrive to the office and clocked out when they leave, without any friction. However, this will require that your staff have a work-issued or BYOD on them, with Bluetooth switched on when they enter the building, as well as an enrolment system backend (either designed yourself or available commercially).

Check out Google’s Get Started with Beacons guide for more info, or check out our friends over at BlueCats for incredible BLE solutions.

Smart TVs for saving technology woes in presentations

Still running around looking for long HDMI cords or trying to figure out how to use the projector every single time? Use what you’re using at home and kit out your office meeting rooms with Smart TVs with casting facilities – allowing staff to cast straight from their laptops (or tablets/phones) to your presentation room TVs. This requires assessment of current technology to see what’s available to cover the most devices at the best price. Miracast-enabled Smart TVs can be coupled easily with compatible Windows 10 laptops and Android devices. Even if you don’t have the funds to upgrade your TVs, purchasing devices like Chromecast that can be plugged into existing TVs or projectors via HDMI to perform screen mirroring.

Smart meeting room and space scheduling

Working with an Excel spreadsheet or Google Calendar to manage your meeting room scheduling? Do away with less-than-optimal scheduling and integrate a smart room scheduling application into your business. Products like Robin can help manage all workspaces at a glance, as well as offer options like hotdesking and other app integration to make space management simplified and unified.

Videoconferencing solutions

Videoconferencing has long been a pain point for business; the best solutions costing tens of thousands of dollars, the inefficiencies of products like Google Hangouts tough to overcome. However, with a range of options now on the market, customers are suddenly spoilt for choice when it comes to video conferencing, and smart setup. At A1 Technologies, we recommend using Polycom as a trusted provider, however, we’re happy to help recommend and fit other solutions, depending on your requirements. Videoconferencing is only going to continue to grow within the workplace, so having a smart solution in place is critical to doing business without technology barriers.

Light control for electricity savings

The “Last out of the office has to switch off the lights” mantra can easily be done away with if you implement smart light control in the office. Smart lighting can be used to control lighting via a hub, integrate sensors to determine whether people are in the building/room, measure natural light levels in your smart office, and ultimately save money on your electricity bill.

Philips, for example, offers an LED solution that can help save as much as 80% of your electricity costs.

If you are looking to implement smart office solutions and need a helping hand, then A1 Technologies can help. We offer networking, managed IT, device choice assistance, and other tech solutions for partners who serious about optimising their business by leveraging all that technology has to offer. Call or email us to find out more.

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