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Fortinet Cloud Security for Azure: Multi-Layered Security & Cloud Protection

In today’s cloud-centric IT landscape, securing cloud environments is crucial. Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions, offers comprehensive security for Azure cloud environments. This technical article delves into Fortinet’s Cloud Security for Azure, exploring its components, functionalities, benefits, and implementation strategies to safeguard Azure deployments.

Understanding Fortinet Cloud Security for Azure

Fortinet Cloud Security for Azure is designed to provide robust security to organisations utilising Microsoft Azure. It encompasses a range of tools and services that ensure secure cloud operations, data protection, and compliance with regulatory standards.

This suite includes a range of products that offer advanced protection for cloud-based networks, applications, and data. At the heart of this suite are FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), which provide robust defense mechanisms against a spectrum of cyber threats.

These NGFWs are complemented by other Fortinet products like FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF) for securing web applications, FortiCWP for cloud workload protection, and FortiSandbox for advanced threat detection. Together, they form an integrated security solution that fortifies Azure cloud environments against the evolving landscape of cyber risks.

Why Go Beyond Native Cloud Security?

While native cloud security services like Microsoft Azure’s Firewall provide fundamental protection, they may not fully meet the needs of organisations managing complex, mission-critical workloads or those operating in hybrid cloud and on-premises environments. For these scenarios, a more robust solution is essential.

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) exemplify such a solution, offering a level of security effectiveness and consistency that is crucial for complex IT infrastructures. These advanced security systems are designed to enforce uniform security policies and offer seamless management across various cloud platforms and data centers, making them a strategic choice for organisations with diversified IT environments.

Azure Firewall, including its advanced iteration, Azure Premium Firewall, integrates well within the Azure ecosystem, appealing to organisations that operate solely within Azure. However, the scope of protection offered by these native services may not encompass the advanced security features required by more elaborate network architectures.

In contrast, FortiGate NGFWs provide a comprehensive security solution, delivering enhanced protection, scalability, and adaptability. They are specifically engineered to address the intricate challenges and heightened security demands of modern enterprise networks, which often span across multiple clouds and blend cloud-based with on-premises resources.

Unlike basic cloud security services, FortiGate NGFWs go beyond foundational security measures, offering a more nuanced and resilient approach to safeguarding critical IT assets. This comprehensive level of security is increasingly vital in today’s landscape, where cyber threats are evolving in sophistication, and the repercussions of data breaches are more severe.

Enhancing Azure Security with Fortinet’s Multi-layered Security Approach

Fortinet’s enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions are pivotal for organisations utilising Microsoft Azure, ensuring robust protection for their cloud and data center environments. This multi-layered approach to security empowers businesses to confidently migrate and grow in the cloud, taking advantage of Fortinet and Microsoft’s integrated solutions.

As the world shifts towards greater reliance on cloud services – a trend underscored by Gartner’s forecast of a 20.4% increase in worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services in 2024 – the importance of securing cloud systems and assets becomes paramount. For companies whose operations hinge significantly on cloud storage, communication, or infrastructure, Fortinet’s solutions offer an essential safeguard.

In the realm of secure networking, Fortinet’s FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) provide AI/ML-driven advanced threat protection along with secure, scalable VPN connectivity to Azure environments. For web applications and APIs, FortiWeb Cloud offers comprehensive protection, simplifying deployment and management. Additionally, FortiGate Secure SD-WAN ensures enhanced security, quality of experience, and visibility across both on-premises and Azure environments, particularly through its integration with Azure vWAN. This array of solutions by Fortinet fortifies Azure deployments, ensuring ease of use and robust security across the infrastructure.

Fortinet Security Fabric delivers broad protection, native integration, and automated management for Azure and Microsoft 365 users, fostering consistent enforcement and visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Its comprehensive solutions, including FortiGate NGFWs, are designed to help customers maintain a consistent security posture across their applications, clouds, and data centers, effectively protecting Azure-based applications.

The integration of these solutions through the Fortinet Security Fabric ensures that businesses can seamlessly safeguard their digital assets within Azure, benefiting from a unified platform that both IT and business stakeholders can trust. This integrated approach not only simplifies the management of security protocols but also aids in maintaining data compliance and integrity across the organisation’s cloud deployment.

Key Components

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs): Delivers advanced security capabilities to protect Azure workloads from network threats.

FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF): Protects web applications from vulnerabilities and attacks.

FortiCWP (Cloud Workload Protection): Monitors cloud workloads to detect and prevent threats.

FortiSandbox: Offers advanced threat detection by analysing suspicious files and URLs.

FortiManager & FortiAnalyzer for Centralised Management: Simplifies security management and analysis across Azure environments.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Threat Protection

FortiGate NGFWs in Azure offer top-tier threat prevention and inspection for inbound and outbound traffic, ensuring protection against the latest cyber threats.

Seamless Integration

Fortinet solutions integrate seamlessly with Azure services, providing a unified security posture that is easy to manage and monitor.

Compliance and Data Security

FortiCWP helps organisations maintain compliance with industry standards by continuously monitoring and securing cloud workloads and configurations.

Scalability and Flexibility

Fortinet’s security solutions are scalable, catering to the dynamic needs of Azure deployments, whether for small businesses or large enterprises.

Centralised Management and Analytics

With FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer, organisations gain centralised control over their security infrastructure, facilitating efficient policy management, and detailed security analytics.

Implementing Fortinet Cloud Security in Azure

Deployment Models

Fortinet’s security solutions can be deployed in various models in Azure, including hybrid clouds, multi-clouds, and all-in-cloud environments. This flexibility allows businesses to choose a model that best fits their operational needs.

Configuration and Setup

Implementing Fortinet Cloud Security involves several steps:

Deployment: Solutions like FortiGate NGFWs can be deployed directly from the Azure Marketplace.

Configuration: Configure security policies and settings in accordance with organisational security needs and compliance requirements.

Integration: Integrate with existing Azure services and applications for cohesive security management.

Automation and Orchestration

Fortinet solutions support automation and orchestration, which are crucial in dynamic cloud environments. This enables automated policy updates, threat responses, and streamlined security operations.

Use Cases and Applications

Protecting Cloud Workloads

Fortinet Cloud Security ensures that applications and data hosted on Azure are protected from various cyber threats, ensuring business continuity and data integrity.

Compliance Management

For industries with stringent compliance requirements, Fortinet provides necessary controls and reporting capabilities to adhere to standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Securing Web Applications

FortiWeb WAF safeguards Azure-hosted web applications from common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), enhancing application security.

Advanced Threat Detection

Using FortiSandbox, organisations can detect and respond to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day attacks that traditional security measures might miss.


Fortinet Cloud Security for Azure offers a comprehensive, integrated solution for securing cloud environments. By leveraging its advanced threat protection capabilities, seamless integration with Azure, and centralised management features, organisations can significantly enhance their cloud security posture.

Looking to implement Fortinet Cloud Security for Azure? Get in touch with our Fortinet Cloud Security specialists to ensure you can leverage Azure cloud confidently and securely.

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