Refer a business

GET $500

At A1, we understand the power of referrals. When we get referred to another business, we couldn’t be more grateful.  

As a way to say thank you to those beautiful people who beat the drum for A1, we will give you $500 CASH for a referral that becomes a customer.  

We will also provide the referred business with a free IT review worth over $500.

What constitutes a customer? Any business with 10 or more staff that engages A1 for paid work.

It’s that easy!

  • A few quick T&C’s.
  • • Referred business must be based in Australia
  • • A1 Technologies reserves the right to decide whether the lead was a valid referral or not.
  • • A customer is defined as a business, with more than ten (10) office-based staff, that engages A1 Technologies in paid work.
  • • The referred business must engage A1 in paid work within six (6) months of the original referral.
  • • Paid work must be at A1 agreed rates.
  • • The referred business cannot be an existing, or previous, customer of A1.
  • • The referred business cannot be a current lead or prospect of A1.

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