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The Small Business Guide To Building A Modern Workplace

Small businesses can use Microsoft 365 to modernise their workplace and enhance productivity. SMBs can scale their growth as a modern workplace assists them in shortening the time-to-market ratio. 

Technology is essential for businesses because it connects staff, clients, customers, and suppliers. You can have a modern workplace for small businesses to collect sensitive information to help you make better-informed business decisions, allowing you to work flexibly and protect yourself from cyber-attacks. 

You can also use technology to recover from unforeseen disasters. Successful businesses rely on Microsoft’s modern workplace to fuel their growth. However, digital innovation moves rapidly through every sector, leaving you with a choice to evolve or struggle to maintain your workflow and profitability. 

Characteristics of a Modern Workplace for Small Business 

Here are five characteristics of a modern workplace that small businesses require to evolve:

  1. Building a remote workforce
    A modern workplace is based on the cloud, powered by advanced tools and platforms. Since the modern workplace is not bound to a single location, numerous teams can collaborate efficiently, similar to how they would work in a physical location. Therefore, you can easily build and maintain a remote workplace for your employees. 
  2. Collaborating with others
    Traditionally, collaborations require the physical presence of the team to be successful. A modern workplace can collaborate effectively between two or more team members that may be geographically distant. Microsoft 365 suite offers the perfect tools to manifest harmony and teamwork in a remote workplace. 
  3. Handling data smartly
    Businesses collect data for analysing their performance or buying patterns. Since this data plays an integral role in adjusting their strategy and improving their overall business volume. Microsoft Azure can significantly help in storing and protecting sensitive data. 
  4. Believing in open communication
    To build a modern workplace for your small business, you need to focus on open communication as it builds trust, avoids conflicts, and resolves issues that can arise in a remote workforce. Microsoft Teams offers instant communication, allowing team members to communicate with each other apart from emails and meetings. 
  5. Leveraging modern tools
    With evolution, businesses must leverage advanced tools and platforms to improve productivity and efficiency. Equipping your remote employees with the latest tools, you invest in your business’s growth, as these tools motivate your workforce to perform better. 

How Does a Modern Workplace for Small Businesses Benefit Them? 

Modern technology is sophisticated and effective; therefore, the right solution can provide your business with numerous benefits like: 

  • Profits
    An increase in staff productivity brings a measurable impact on the business’s profitability. Managed IT services often accompany modern workplaces for small businesses to assist teams in getting the best value out of the tools. Modern solutions also allow development teams to rapidly create new solutions or provide services to attain a competitive edge. 
  • Flexibility
    A modern workplace for small businesses is flexible enough to adopt the change immediately with minimal risk. Business models require flexibility and modern systems to become successful. Moreover, a modern workplace also gives employees the flexibility to work on different projects from anywhere they like.
  • Security
    A modern workplace is equipped with the latest security policies and frameworks that help businesses in their fight against cybercrime. These capabilities not only enhance your ability to mitigate these risks but can also help you recover immediately from an attack. 
  • Productivity
    You can use a modern workplace to improve the availability of your data to facilitate productivity and efficiency. Your remote workforce needs modern tools to work from home and meet deadlines. If you lack these necessary tools, you might lose your competitive edge.

What Makes Microsoft 365 Perfect for a Business Looking for a Modern Workplace? 

Microsoft 365 is the ideal modern workplace for small businesses because it includes various applications and services beyond the traditional Office suite. Here are some features that make Microsoft 365 suite perfect for small businesses: 

  • Almost all applications are cloud-based, perfect for small businesses looking to build a remote workplace. 
  • Business owners get full control over how their employees use applications and services. They can implement stringent security protocols to maximise security. 
  • Remote employees can use applications to streamline meetings, video calls, or sharing files with their colleagues. 
  • Microsoft 365 is equipped with data leakage prevention policies that the administrator can implement across all employee inboxes

Microsoft designed their modern workplace to protect small businesses from internal and external threats. Protection policies can also identify unauthorised data transfer from inside your cloud instance. Security policies detect unusual behaviour and inform the administrator after containing the threat. 


Modern workplaces make it easier for small businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency. Therefore, you can increase your growth by leveraging Microsoft 365 for your remote workplaces. A modern workplace for small businesses will assist you in focusing on strategic planning that will expand your business. 

Evolution is necessary for survival; start your journey with our Microsoft 365 experts to build your modern workplace.

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