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Microsoft Technology Stack for the Modern Workplace

Due to lockdown implementation to contain coronavirus infections, organisations have accelerated the adoption of remote working and transition to a modern workplace. Many companies reconsidered their organisational structure and office management by introducing Microsoft 365 tech stack into their workplace. 

Microsoft has remained popular in this ever-changing digital era of technical discoveries, especially for large enterprise projects. As an IT director, modernising your workplace is vital to allow your employees to maintain their efficiency and boost their productivity as they work remotely. 

The Need For A Modern Workplace

As your company decides to transition to a modern workplace, you will incorporate the tools based on digital cooperation and technology to allow your remote workers to collaborate seamlessly. Here are the major reasons why you need to start your journey towards modernization:

  1. Infrastructure inefficiencies
    In-house infrastructure requires expansion as your organisation grows to meet new business needs. Therefore, you will have a disorganised infrastructure that slows down your systems leading to inefficiency. 
  2. Flexibility issues
    To meet your dynamic business needs, you will need to upgrade your existing rigid and inflexible infrastructure that hinders innovation. Also, you can’t scale in-house infrastructures, stopping your ability to meet the increase in demand. 
  3. Upgradation expenses
    Regular maintenance and upgradation of hardware is expensive and time consuming. You will have to keep the infrastructure downtime that will cost you money, time and productivity. 

What Is a Workplace Tech Stack?

Worldwide IT leaders are coming to terms with the fact that hybrid and remote work is the new norm. PwC surveyed 669 CEOs, 78 percent agreed that remote cooperation is here to stay. 

You’ll need a set of tools from Microsoft 365 Tech Stack to help your teams connect, collaborate, and contribute if you want to create a hybrid workplace experience truly. Workplace tech stack covers the following areas:

  • Easy office management
    Enabling you to manage your workspace, quickly empower your team, and keep track of office usage to fill vacancies or create new job roles. 
  • Increase collaboration
    Promoting cross-functionality among your teams and align their responsibilities and timelines with your organisation’s interests. 
  • Better communication
    Keeping your teams connected with other remote members to work more efficiently on extensive projects. 
  • Instant file sharing
    Tracking shared documents and collaterals, numerous remote workers utilise company resources to complete projects. 

Microsoft 365 tech stack for Modern Workplace

You need to give your employees the best tools to help them guarantee maximum productivity to meet your dynamic business demands while working remotely. These Microsoft 365 Tech Stack features will help your organisation make remote and hybrid workers significantly: 

  1. Microsoft 365
    Your employees can use Microsoft 365 to complete daily tasks as it offers web based Office applications. A cloud-based model offers the required flexibility and scalability that allows you to meet increasing business needs. 
  2. Microsoft Teams
    You can use Microsoft Teams to collaborate on projects and deliver them on time. Teams allows managers to assign tasks and monitor progress of all remote team members through a single application. 
  3. Power Platform
    Project managers can use Microsoft Power Platform to automate critical processes, build specialised solutions, and analyse essential data. Your manager can also create and deploy Virtual Agents to handle tedious tasks and improve productivity. 
  4. Microsoft Azure
    You can discard your in-house infrastructure and move to managed IT services with Microsoft Azure. Your organisation will save significant costs with zero downtime when you need to expand your resources to meet business demands. 

Benefits of Microsoft 365 tech stack

Your organisation will enjoy the following benefits by implementing Tech Stack to make your workplace modern:

Increased productivity

With your decision to implement a comprehensive IT management and deployment strategy, you can easily reach business goals that accelerate your growth rate. With consistent communication with remote employees, you can stay updated on the projects at hand. Unified data management empowers your employees to take data-driven decisions immediately. 

Improved collaboration 

With Microsoft 365 Tech Stack, you can streamline your workplace for better collaboration and allow remote team members to call and chat to collaborate on current projects. Since your employees are now equipped with the latest tools, they can automate tedious tasks and focus more on key deliverables. 

Enhanced security 

Your migration to Microsoft Azure will significantly reduce costs and risks as your IT infrastructure is now consolidated on a single platform. The overall reduction in exposure to risky elements, your data security teams can protect, detect, respond, and prevent threats to sensitive information. 


A modern workplace is a must have for IT organisations, as workers have started preferring remote or hybrid working models. Microsoft 365 Tech Stack has become a necessity to maintain productivity, collaboration, and visibility throughout your organisation. Migration to a managed IT service is vital to maintain an edge over your competitors. 

Get in touch with our team of Modern Workplace specialists to enhance the productivity of your team right away. 

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