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Microsoft Editor: A Writing Assistant Wherever You Go

Wished that you had a little more assistance in composing your emails, documents, and online posts? Struggle to say what you want clearly and concisely, wasting too much time in the composition stage? Microsoft Editor is AI-powered writing help wherever you go. 

Just as Spellcheck has helped us to become better spellers since the first PCs were released, Microsoft Editor will help improve your writing by offering more intelligent writing suggestions than ever before, this time over a wider range of apps. It’s just one of the new products available with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Editor: Your writing, just enhanced

Microsoft Editor is like having your very own editor go over your text and make suggestions for you. However, instead of a talented human behind the scenes helping you out, it’s AI-powered software.


The suite of features that are included with Microsoft Editor depends on whether or not you have a subscription to Microsoft 365. 

Free version (no Microsoft 365 subscription)


The spellcheck that you know and love from Microsoft, always up to date.

Basic grammar

Grammar tips that will stop you from making mistakes like they’re/their, incorrect comma usage, or words in the wrong place.

Paid version (free with Microsoft 365 subscription)

Alongside spelling and grammar, you also get the following features:

Advanced grammar

Includes suggestions such as misheard phrases (e.g. ‘for all intents and purposes’ vs ‘for all intensive purposes’), indirect questions, and more.


Suggests word rearrangement in sentences to make them more clear, aids in jargon removal, suggests where to change passive voice, and more.


Helps identify when extra words can be removed, identifies lengthy sentences, and highlights other wordiness issues.

Formal language

Identify where writing can sound too informal, where slang is used, etc.


Find better adjectives, removes cliches, and more.

Punctuation conventions

Further help with commas, quotes, spacing, and more.

Which apps can take advantage of Microsoft Editor? 

Microsoft Word (desktop and web)

Whether you use the full-functioned desktop version of Microsoft Word or the lightweight web-based version, you’ll be able to access the power of Microsoft Editor.

Email (via Outlook on desktop and web)

Microsoft’s email client, Outlook, which can work with any of your email addresses, can leverage Microsoft Editor to help you write eloquent business and personal emails.

Internet (via Chrome or Edge extension)

Use Microsoft Editor almost anywhere you go. When you add the Editor extension to either the Chrome or Edge browser, you’re able to access writing help on LinkedIn, forms, social media posts, and more. Any website with a text box and you’re good to go.

How to install Microsoft Editor


If you are using the desktop version of Microsoft Word, ensure that the app is up to date. Open any document, and you’ll see the Editor tab at the top right-hand side of the ribbon when you are on the Home tab.

Similarly, if you go to Microsoft Word online, there will be an Editor button on the ribbon of the Home tab on any open document.


For desktop Outlook, ensure your app is up to date. When you go to write an email, there will be a button for Editor on the Compose ribbon. This will appear similarly on the web version of Outlook.


You can download the Microsoft Editor browser extension for Chrome or Edge directly from Microsoft here. You might need to restart your browser after installing the extension for it to work.

Already have a Microsoft 365 subscription?

If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription for your business and you’re not yet using Microsoft Editor, then you’re missing out on your best writing yet. Take advantage of this handy helper and switch it on across Word, Outlook, and the web. Stop making writing mistakes and be easily understood.

For more info

If you’d like to know more about Microsoft Editor, or Microsoft 365 products more generally, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re proud Microsoft partners who are always up to date with the latest in Microsoft’s suite of products – and how they can help your business. Reach out to us at A1 Technologies for more info.

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