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A Beginner’s Guide to Copilot for PowerPoint

In the business world, presentations are more than just slides; they are stories, arguments, and pitches that can inspire, inform, and persuade audiences. Copilot for PowerPoint is revolutionising the way these narratives are crafted, offering a suite of AI-powered tools designed to enhance creativity, efficiency, and impact.


By integrating artificial intelligence, Copilot streamlines the presentation development process, making it more efficient and impactful. Below, we delve deeper into its key features, expanding on how each contributes to a superior presentation experience.


Introduction to Copilot for PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 Copilot for PowerPoint integrates advanced artificial intelligence directly into the PowerPoint experience, enabling users to leverage natural language processing and machine learning to create compelling presentations. This AI assistant simplifies the process of slide creation, layout design, and content refinement, making professional-grade presentations accessible to all users, regardless of their design expertise.


Key Features


Natural Language Commands: Users can generate slides, design layouts, and even populate content through simple text prompts.


Content Enhancement: Copilot suggests improvements to text, recommends relevant images, and optimises data visualisation.


Design Automation: Based on the content of your slides, Copilot offers design suggestions that align with professional standards and aesthetic appeal.


Dynamic Content Integration: It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Graph to pull in relevant data, images, and figures from various sources, enriching presentations with up-to-date information. You can link slides to live data sources for automatic updates to ensure your presentation always reflects the most current information without manual adjustments.


Instant Slide Generation: Generate complete slides in moments. Simply describe the content or message, and Copilot crafts a slide with relevant text, imagery, and layout. For example, “Generate an introduction slide about our company’s sustainability initiatives.”


Smart Design Suggestions: Copilot analyses the content of each slide and suggests professional design layouts that enhance visual appeal and audience engagement. For example, “Suggest a design for slides on quarterly sales results.”


Content Summarisation and Refinement: Summarise extensive research or reports into concise, presentation-ready formats. Copilot can also refine complex language to ensure clarity and accessibility.


Data Visualisation and Chart Creation: Transform datasets into compelling visual representations. Copilot suggests the most effective chart types based on the data you’re working with. For example, “Create a chart comparing product sales in Q1 and Q2.”


Interactive Elements: Engage your audience with interactive polls, quizzes, or Q&A sessions designed by Copilot directly within your presentation. For example, “Insert an interactive poll about audience product preferences.”


How Copilot Transforms Presentation Creation


Streamlining the Design Process

The process of designing a presentation can be time-consuming, often requiring a balancing act between content research, visual design, and narrative structure. Copilot for PowerPoint streamlines this process by automating the creation of visually appealing slides that communicate the intended message effectively.


Example Command: “Create a slide on the impact of renewable energy in 2023,” prompts Copilot to generate a slide complete with relevant facts, figures, and images.


Enhancing Visual Storytelling

A compelling presentation tells a story. Copilot helps users weave narratives that resonate with their audience by suggesting content structures, transitions, and visual elements that enhance the storytelling aspect of their presentations.


Example Command: “Suggest a storyline for introducing a new product,” where Copilot outlines a narrative flow, engaging the audience from problem identification to solution presentation.


Facilitating Collaboration and Feedback

Collaboration is key to refining presentations. Copilot makes it easier to incorporate feedback and collaborate with teammates by suggesting edits, rephrasing content, and even aligning slide designs with team input.


Example Command: “Incorporate feedback about simplifying the technical jargon,” leading Copilot to suggest more accessible language for complex concepts.


Practical Applications of Copilot for PowerPoint

For Educators and Trainers

Creating educational content that is both informative and engaging can be challenging. Copilot assists educators in designing lessons that captivate students, incorporating interactive elements and quizzes that make learning more effective. For example, “Create a slide explaining the theory of relativity with examples for high school students.”


Trainers can develop interactive tutorials and workshops, incorporating step-by-step guides and knowledge checks to ensure participant engagement and comprehension. For example, “Build a tutorial slide on how to use our project management tool with clickable sections for each feature.”


For Marketers and Sales Professionals

Marketing and sales presentations must grab attention and persuade. Copilot aids in crafting persuasive pitches, highlighting product benefits, and visualising market trends, ensuring that key messages stand out.


Marketing and sales professionals can leverage Copilot to craft persuasive pitches, complete with data-driven insights and competitive analyses. For example, “Design a closing slide that summarises the benefits of our software solution with customer testimonials.”


For Researchers and Analysts

Presenting data and research findings requires clarity and precision. Copilot can transform complex data into understandable visuals, making it easier for analysts to convey their insights and conclusions. For example, “Visualise the growth trends from our latest environmental study on a world map.”


The versatility of Copilot for PowerPoint makes it suitable for a wide array of uses, from academic lectures to business pitches. Below are some practical applications and example commands that showcase Copilot’s potential to revolutionise presentations across different contexts.


Tips for More Advanced PowerPoint Users

The capabilities of Copilot for PowerPoint extend far beyond traditional presentation design, offering a new realm of possibilities for creating engaging, informative, and visually appealing slides.


Harnessing the full potential of Copilot for PowerPoint requires more than just familiarity with its basic operations. By leveraging its advanced features and employing strategic prompts, users can significantly enhance the quality and impact of their presentations. Here are advanced tips and techniques for getting the most out of Copilot for PowerPoint.


Leverage Contextual Data Integration

Tip: Integrate real-time data and contextual information into your slides for dynamic presentations that stay current with the latest information.


Use Case: Link slides to live data sources such as financial reports or performance metrics. Use prompts like, “Update this slide with the latest sales figures from the connected Excel dashboard,” to ensure your presentation always reflects the most current data without manual editing.


Utilise Smart Design Customisations

Tip: Beyond basic design suggestions, Copilot can help customise slide designs to match company branding or presentation themes, ensuring a consistent aesthetic throughout.


Use Case: Request specific branding elements or themes, for instance, “Apply our company branding theme to these slides,” or “Suggest a minimalist design for my tech innovation presentation.” This enables personalised slide designs that resonate with your content and audience.


Enhance Storytelling with Visual Narratives

Tip: Use Copilot to create compelling visual narratives that guide your audience through the presentation in an engaging manner.


Use Case: Craft a storyline or narrative for your presentation and ask Copilot to visualise it. For example, “Create a visual journey showing the evolution of smartphones over the last decade,” to make complex information more accessible and memorable.


Integrate Multimedia Elements

Tip: Copilot can assist in embedding various multimedia elements into presentations, from videos to interactive content, enhancing the engagement factor.


Use Case: Incorporate multimedia elements to support your message, such as, “Insert a video clip demonstrating the product in action here,” or “Embed an interactive timeline of our company’s growth milestones.”


Employ AI for Speech and Rehearsal

Tip: Use Copilot to help prepare for your presentation delivery. It can suggest speech cues, timings, and even assist in rehearsal by providing feedback on pacing and voice modulation.


Use Case: Ask Copilot for presentation delivery tips or to generate speech cues for transitions between slides. Use prompts like, “Generate speaker notes that summarise key points for each slide,” or “Advise on optimal pacing for my 20-minute presentation.”


Create Custom Templates with Copilot

Tip: Beyond individual presentations, Copilot can be used to create custom templates that can be reused for various purposes, ensuring efficiency in future presentation creations.


Use Case: Design a template that fits a recurring presentation type, such as monthly report meetings or project updates. For instance, “Create a PowerPoint template for our monthly marketing analytics review.”


Interactive Q&A Slides

Tip: Prepare for audience questions by using Copilot to generate Q&A slides based on your presentation content, ensuring you’re ready to address common inquiries.


Use Case: After completing your presentation, ask, “Generate potential questions based on this presentation’s content,” to prepare comprehensive Q&A slides that anticipate and address your audience’s curiosities.



Copilot for PowerPoint is not just an AI tool; it’s a creative partner that empowers users to bring their ideas to life with ease and sophistication. By automating design tasks, enhancing content quality, and facilitating collaboration, Copilot democratises access to high-quality presentation design, enabling anyone to create impactful and visually stunning presentations.


If you’re considering implementing Copilot for PowerPoint for your organisation, contact us at A1 Technologies.

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