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What Is Dynamics 365 & Its Benefits to Your Business?

Hybrid workplace models are changing how and where we used to work as traditional tools fail to meet the new demands of the growing businesses. For instance, using siloed systems for manual entry prevents sellers from engaging with customers. Therefore, we see a new frontier in innovation: Dynamics 365. 

The framework can host all the processes under a joint data model, facilitating the apps to share data. Microsoft offers Dynamics as a suite of SaaS applications and services to enhance marketing capabilities by converting leads into paying customers. 

What is Dynamics 365?

An all-in-one package deal, Dynamics functions in the cloud-based framework. It couples the ERP, CRM, and HCM solutions to help streamline users’ needs with what they require and when they require it, adding new applications on an as per need basis.

The dynamics solution is based on Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based technology, hosted in data centres worldwide. There is no need to install the platform on individual user machines and you can access it from your web browser. Microsoft automatically handles all updates and bug fixes.

You, as a user, have the leverage of accessing the solution from any place having an internet connection. Due to the platform’s scalable nature and extensive compatibility with multiple platforms, it is gaining traction amongst the IT giants of today. 

Features – All you need to know

Organisations must adopt dynamics solutions and automate their processes to witness exponential market growth in their business insights. Some of the features it has to offer in building a positive impact on the clients are as follows: 

Customer sale insights 

The most significant attribute offered by dynamics is its ability to provide accurate information by analysing data from your CRM. The collected stats emphasise trends for the development of your customer accounts.

Easy accessibility

Unlike other solutions, the dynamics interface offers users the ease of accessing all their activities and contacts off-site. The platform provides real-time updates on customer service and helps coordinate with teams that rarely work while within the same premises. 

LinkedIn and Outlook 365 Integration 

The integration between LinkedIn and Dynamics allows you to access LinkedIn profiles from your CRM. The analytics are extracted and presented to you for better recommendations of opportunities offered to your agents. 

You can access the critical requirements needed to boost your sales via Microsoft email management software integration with the outlook 365 application. You can access all the emails, attachments, and contract-specific information related to the person you are emailing.

Activity logs 

These logs hold all records, connections, and activities that are a part of your daily operations. Activity logs can also integrate with other security systems like Microsoft OMS, reducing cybersecurity threats to your CRM. 

How does Dynamics 365 help your business thrive?

The influx of customer requests overburdens the modern sellers. Dynamics 365 is perfect for companies that already use the Microsoft 365 solution. It provides valuable insights and customer incentive data that streamline processes so that companies can concentrate on areas that matter. Some of the benefits of using this tech for your business are:

Automating sale process

Dynamics can improve your sales by mapping workflows and automating them, making the sale processes less cumbersome. You can easily supervise active sale times, thereby increasing sales opportunities.

Platform scalability 

The platform provides a flexible solution as the cloud architecture allows easy integration of the newer software versions. The licences and applications can also adapt to your company’s growth at any time.

Readily accessible 

The interface is user-friendly and enables you to produce work swiftly and effectively. The seamless compatibility of Microsoft with various other office products ensures increased usability and acceptance at the enterprise level – irrespective of the OS and end-user device.

Compact system

The CRM dynamics 365 solution supports the optimal mapping of the customer’s journey. It provides a comprehensive representation of marketing and sales processes in one system – this helps in targeting all the contact points with your customers, enhancing user engagement.

Power BI solution

The integration of Power BI allows you to visualise all created dashboards and reports. The platform amalgamates AI and machine learning which saves you from switching between systems. Also, these collective insights make such systems more economical. 


The features presented in this piece give you just a mere glimpse of the tools offered by dynamics 365. There’s no denying that every software developed by Microsoft stands out due to its intelligence and data analysis capabilities. If you wish to find that one perfect framework that can uplift your company’s customer satisfaction levels, choosing Microsoft 365 suite would get the job done for sure. 

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