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Tips To Become A Dynamics 365 Superuser

Cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365 help organisations achieve many crucial business goals. Like every other solution, what you successfully extract out of it is highly dependent on what you invest in it. With Dynamics 365, you can improve your efficiencies with the array of benefits it provides to businesses. 

IT directors occasionally struggle with how they can change someone’s status from a regular user to a superuser. Surprisingly, it’s not difficult, and you can use your Dynamics 365 CRM to change the status of your senior staff. 

How to select a Superuser?

Choosing the right superusers is very important for your business. It should be someone with good communication and teaching skills along with leadership qualities since they will influence the decision of whether a solution is ultimately accepted or not. 

Additionally, superusers must be well equipped with the technical know-how of the systems for the timely identification of issues or bugs. Here’s where good communication skills come into play. They should be able to communicate to the implementation team about the importance of fixing these bugs in order of priority. 

Superusers should also be able to address any non-technical issues – request the concerning team to escalate these processes to the responsible managers and suppliers. Superusers play a significant role when it comes to project implementation. 

They identify issues and resolve them while keeping the communication channels operational between the management teams and end-users. People having good technical and non-technical expertise, leadership qualities, and a constructive attitude can help work miracles for the success of your implementation projects.

Quick Tips To Becoming A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Superuser

Here are some tips for your employees who are looking forward to becoming Dynamics 365 superusers: 

Understanding The Underlying Data Structure

Most employees familiarise themselves with the basic CRM processes. However, understanding the data underlying these processes sets one user apart from another  – the difference between a superuser and a typical user. Therefore, you need to take out time to understand the data structures involved and what you can achieve with them.

Going Past Your Comfort Zones

You need to explore the platform by jumping into unfamiliar corners and tools. These may also include webinars and community sessions that put you out of your comfort zone. The Microsoft Power platform is preferable to initiate the learning process among your employees.

Put Curiosity To Good Use

Learn to be curious in finding out answers to your queries. You need to put in the effort and find it from the wealth of information available online since you probably are not the first person to run into such problems. Also, there are numerous documentation platforms like GitHub offering free Dynamics 365 workflow tools.

Command Over Advanced Find

Build a deeper understanding of the Advanced Find functionality since it allows you to grasp the structure of Dynamics and helps track the data. If you can master this feature, you can analyse any area of your business model.

The Right Approach To Training Your Dynamics 365 Super Users

The backbone of the business software solutions is these Dynamics 365 users, as they help maintain data integrity, troubleshoot glitches, and are the ones to bridge the gap between the software and business side of the company. Therefore,  for the proper implementation of ERP systems, companies should invest in the early phases of their training.  

Here is a list you need to keep in mind when training your superusers:

Prioritising learning ERP system

Superusers are employees that may feel burdened with multiple workloads. Hence, you should make sure to decrease their work so they can concentrate more on learning the software and work with the implementation team. 

Encouraging specialisation

ERP solutions are complex because they contain numerous functionalities – making it difficult to become an expert in the entire solution. Hence, give your superusers a sense of ownership by allowing them to concentrate on one specific module.


If your organisation opts for the ERP implementation solution, you should regularly document its work instructions and user guides. As you hire additional people, job roles can shift, and the reliance on software teams decreases.

Being realistic and reasonable

Superusers are all-star employees willing to help and learn new complex systems quickly. Hence, the company gives them more areas of accountability, leading to long working hours and job frustration. You need to be realistic and encourage training other employees to pass along some of their tasks.


The investment you put into your ERP superusers today will pay off many times throughout the life of your system. These users bring together the software and management sides of your business processes as the super problem solvers and leaders.

If you want to train your senior staff on how to become superusers, get in touch with our Dynamics specialists.

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