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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Essential Features For SMEs

Learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its features to accelerate your company’s growth. It can help you streamline and automatically integrate business operations to safely accumulate all business details on one platform.

Most companies are using cutting-edge technologies to boost their growth and expand their business market. In this fast-paced and technology-dominated world, SMEs must use software that integrates business functions and promote accelerated growth. Therefore, the right approach is to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 essential features to boost productivity and efficiency.

Dynamics 365 allows SMEs to connect with potential customers. SMEs can also manage their existing sales and financial operations from one platform. This helps different teams of the organisation to quickly adapt to new changes and deliver promising results.

What Is Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based end-to-end solution for managing all business activities. It is built with easy-to-use management software that can automatically manage multiple operations. Moreover, it integrates data into one system, providing a unified and complete business view to all departments.

This ERP software was launched in 2016 to provide a comprehensive business management solution for SMEs. With its streamlining features, you can enhance the business visibility and gain various benefits, such as:

  • High Security
    The software comes with a good security system to protect the database and stored confidential information. 
  • Improved Client Service
    Automated guidance and Outlook integration allow you to provide good client service, increasing the sales numbers.
  • Increased Profits
    Automatically optimise inventory management to minimise wastage and boost profits.
  • Better Mobility
    The AI capabilities simplify the management of hybrid and remote workforce by providing the ideal home office setup.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Features For SMEs

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has multiple features to improve the software functionality. These Dynamics 365 essential features are different from the premium features, and you can access them at a low price. The essential features are responsible for maximising profits by integrating:

Finance Management

This feature creates a general ledger for pending payments and received payments. It also helps you create and maintain budgets for every department. You can also receive bank reconciliation monthly and yearly.

Project Management

With the project management feature, you can create a resource planner for each project. The planner manages the budget of an entire project. For example, work costs, completion process, and resource management.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management feature helps you keep track and control of inventory. You can keep a close eye on recent purchases, shipping, and inventory distribution. This feature also allows you to return or cancel shipments, providing you total control as production and supplier manager.

Operation Management

Using the operations feature, you can predict the outcome of a project during the planning phase. Moreover, you can manage your warehouse space and calculate production capacity using Dynamics 365 essential features.

Reports and Analysis

It is easier to form individual reports for each project by using the Reports and Analysis feature. It provides an interactive dashboard to share customer knowledge and gather all teams on one platform to form intelligent decisions.

Customer Relationship Management

You can create and maintain better relationships with your customers, using this feature. It allows you to contact your customers and collect information on their experiences and recommendations.

Dynamics 365 Essential Features vs Premium Features

Every Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central feature is important for efficient SME business management. However, there are two types of Dynamics 365 features, which are:

Essential Features

The Dynamics 365 essential features cost $70 per month and this package is for one person’s use only. These features cover all the core functions required by an organisation to operate smoothly. With the essential features, you can manage finances, sales, delivery, supply chain, and so much more.

Premium Features

The premium features package price is $100 per month and user. This package includes every feature of the essential feature package and has extra modules for manufacturing and service management.

  • Manufacturing Management
    This management feature includes standard cost worksheets, production bills of materials, basic capacity planning, version management, production orders, and finite loading.
  • Service Management
    With the service management feature, you can plan and dispatch orders on time. It also helps in managing multiple contracts, service items, service orders, and pricing simultaneously.


The correct and proper deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central saves money and helps manage multiple operations smoothly. This cloud-based software service can empower SMEs by integrating business processes and completing them automatically with Dynamics 365 essential features. However, you need to select the correct feature package to ensure it covers all your organisation’s essential needs.

Need help in learning which Dynamics 365 feature program is better for your company? Our team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists is always ready to assist you in making sound business decisions.

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