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5G: What will it mean for your business?

5G! It’s coming! Now, what on earth is it (other than a speedier mobile internet connection) and what can it do for your business? These are the topics we’re going to tackle today in our coverage of this latest network technology that will be seeping into all of our daily lives before you can even blink.

What is it, and how is it different from 4G?

First of all, let’s start with that G. What does the G stand for? That’s a big G for Generation (as in fourth generation, fifth generation). This means that it is a whole new standard of networking technology.

Most reports point out that 5G networks offer faster speeds (through greater bandwidth) and lower latency (faster delivery of packets from sender to receiver).

But while it’s exciting news for streaming on mobile devices, what it’s really aimed at is a device-dense internet of things weave.

To truly be 5G, the network must have the following features, outlined in the IMT-2020:
– Peak data rate of 20GBit/s or more (up from 1GBit/s with 4G)
– User experienced data rate of 100Mb/s or more (up from 10Mb/s with 4G)
– Area traffic capacity of 10Mbits per square metre or more (up from 0.1Mbits/ square metre with 4G)
– Latency of 1ms or less (down from 10ms or less with 4G)
– Connection density of 100,000 or more devices per square km (up from 10,000 with 4G)

5G fixed wireless vs 5G mobile

There’s also this little piece of information you’ll need to know – there are two types.

5G fixed wireless
A fixed connection to a premises, where all devices can utilise a 5G connection

5G mobile
Roaming via your mobile device, wherever there is 5G coverage on your chosen network operator

When is 5G coming to Australia?

It’s here already! Well – not quite. We are just now getting the first signs of life from 5G tech in Australia. Telstra have just announced they’ve made the first Australia 5G to 5G video call – from Sydney to the Gold Coast. They’re currently looking to have 200 5G base stations ready to go by the end of the year, with the first commercial support and devices online sometime in early 2019. The first device they’ve unveiled is the HTC Mobile Smart Hub.

This means that consumers, in big cities at least, may be able to get their hands on 5G technology in a useable way by this time next year. Optus are looking to start fixed wireless rollouts in around the same time frame.

How will it benefit my business?

If you are looking to take advantage of all the capabilities of turning your business into a smart building, then a fixed wireless 5G connection, along with 5G capable devices (not yet released) will be a great start.

This is a future tech, so by the time 2020 comes around you will start to see 5G becoming more popular.

From a “Will it make my network faster?” point of view, if you already have a fixed connection via ASDL, cable, fibre, or NBN, then the answer is no – this is a mobile technology, for use with mobile devices.

If you heavily use phones and tablets in the office, and would like faster services, then it may be worth upgrading, too.

Be 5G ready!

Want to know more about the capabilities of 5G or how to turn your business into a smart office? Looking for the best network solutions for your building? We can help! A1 Technologies can assess your needs and find the optimal solutions for your requirements and budget. Get in touch to find out more.

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