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Change The Way You Do Business With AWS Services

Are you using AWS Services in your business? While Amazon Web Services infrastructure-as-a-service originally began as a platform aimed squarely at technology companies, now more and more businesses are realising the value of Amazon’s ever growing services list, no matter the industry that they’re operating in.

Today we cherry pick some of the best and most recent AWS products that can help businesses – whatever your operational requirements may be.

Language barriers? Not anymore with AWS

Do you do business with overseas entities who either don’t speak English, or are ESL? Or perhaps you’d like to but don’t know how to start – it all seems just too difficult? This is one new AWS service that we are really excited about. It’s Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling. Yes, that means that you can live stream to others around the world, and AWS does the heavy lifting, generating subtitles in a range of different languages. This is big news as it’s making the world closer together than ever before – and removing those barriers to doing business internationally.

AWS Backup: Managed system backups made easy

If you’re already using AWS services, whether it’s on-premise or from the cloud, then AWS Backup is a critical piece of infrastructure to manage all your backups. Instead of configuring your own backup systems, AWS Backup makes unified backing up of services easy. It’s a centralised hub where you can consolidate your backup efforts, across infrastructure such as Amazon EBS volumes, Amazon EFS file systems, and their databases. If you’re looking for an easier way to do backups, then this is it.

A Complete Windows Environment Running on AWS Services

Thought you had to run your Windows servers and applications on your own company servers or machines? Why try and manage in-house when you can implement these systems off-site? While it’s nothing new (this AWS capability stretches back over 10 years), it’s true that you can run and manage Active Directory, SQL Server, and System Center, do Windows .NET app development, or cloud-native dev, all with AWS. You can read more about Windows and AWS on the AWS blog.

Let’s talk security, with AWS Security Hub

Security and compliance is a task that every business needs to take seriously, whether it’s running services on-premise, in the cloud, or with a hybrid combo. With laws like the GDPR and the Australian Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme, businesses need to make really sure that their data (and especially that of their customers) is on lock down. How do you do this? One of the layers is baking in compliance into your AWS activities. The AWS Security Hub gives a centralised view of critical activity within your business. The Hub operates to give “you a comprehensive view of your high-priority security alerts and compliance status across AWS accounts.” It’s an easy jump off point where then you can drill down further into accounts and services to see what’s happening at a local level.

Employee training: Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty Exam

Do you have developers on the team who are itching for further training opportunities? Why not support them in their quest to stay up to date with the latest in development opportunities? AWS’s Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty Exam is a test that your devs can work towards that assures their Alexa skill building is up to the grade. What this means for you is that you can do more with Alexa within your business (and possibly client-facing, too), while your developers get an AWS Certification to add to their belt – it’s a win-win.

Access your AWS components and on-premise networks from anywhere with AWS Client VPN

These days, the expectation is on companies to extend employee working capabilities – so that they can work from wherever they are in the world. This may mean accessing services back in the office while they’re away in Brussels at an innovative conference, or even just because sometimes people would rather work from home! A recent announcement means that AWS Client VPN is now available for Australian businesses – a resource that provides highly available and secure VPN access, a task that may otherwise strain your legacy VPN systems. Make the switch to AWS Client VPN for more flexible working conditions (aka what every employee wants!).

If you are interested in any of these AWS products and need a hand in implementing a solution that just works easily with your business, then reach out to us at A1 Technologies. We are a certified AWS partner that can help bring these revolutionary services to your business.

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