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Need help designing or maintain your cloud environment? We can help.

We have the experience and skills

A1 Technologies is a cloud consulting company that can help your business design, deploy, and maintain cloud environments. Whether it’s migrating your BAU functions or designing an agile development environment, we have the experience and skills to ensure your cloud environment is robust, secure, and scalable. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business embrace the cloud and thrive.

Dont put your business at risk

Don’t put your cloud environment, and your business, at risk with poorly configured and maintained infrastructure.  The team at A1 are Azure and AWS certified experts – we can design, deploy, maintain, and optimise the ideal cloud environment for your business.

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  • Experienced
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Top Cloud Consultants in Australia | A1 Technologies

Cloud Consulting Services

Top Cloud Consultants in Australia | A1 Technologies

Architecture & Design

The cloud is evolving very quickly. Yesterday's solution is not necessarily your best choice today. We at A1 are up to date with the changes and additions made by cloud vendors and can assist in reviewing and designing your next cloud project. Whether that’s an infrastructure, automation or software project.
Top Cloud Consultants in Australia | A1 Technologies

Cloud Migration

Companies are moving to the cloud. Migration is a mission critical process. You want to ensure no stone is left unturned, all scenarios are covered and that there’s a Plan B in case something goes wrong. A1 can help you prepare, plan and manage your migration.
Top Cloud Consultants in Australia | A1 Technologies

Maintenance & Optimisation

Once running in the cloud it is challenging to monitor the resources your team uses. Provisioning too much or leaving resources that aren’t needed anymore - both result in unnecessary spends. And how can you leverage new services to reduce costs? We at A1 can help ensuring you use only what you need and when you need it.
Top Cloud Consultants in Australia | A1 Technologies

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

You do what you do best - run your business. And we do what we know best - manage your cloud based infrastructure with your best interest in mind - keeping your cloud secured, efficient, up to date with what the cloud can offer and cost-effective.
Top Cloud Consultants in Australia | A1 Technologies

Custom Development

The cloud is all about leveraging services that were designed to save you time and money. But realistically, those services cannot always meet all requirements of a project / company. A1 can help you fill in those gaps by designing, and developing, custom solutions.

Why A1 Technologies

  • We Deliver. Consistently

    We're committed to providing solutions and services that genuinely support our customers and enable their businesses to thrive. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure we deliver what we say we’re going to deliver.
  • Experience. You Can Rely On

    Our team have been working in different sectors of technology for almost 20 years. We have broad industry knowledge coupled with deep expertise in cloud solutions, application development, and devops.
  • Responsive. Reliable

    Helping your business thrive in the cloud isn’t a set-and-forget project. You need a partner that is reliable and responsive. Whether it is a quick question or a mission critical issue, we’re here to help.
New South Wales Nurses and Midwives’ Association Logo
“I would like to thank A1 and commend you for your excellent work. A1 delivered beyond my expectations and we are very excited by the options you have given us…”
Sandra Whitaker – IT Manager, New South Wales Nurses and Midwives’ Association
“Excellent experienced team who can quickly understand the pressures of a business and help prioritise.”
Mark Woodhouse – CFO, JD Sports
Wahl Australia | A1 Technologies
“We can now access everything we need to from any device, anywhere, anytime. The efficiency and time saving have been far better than we expected.”
David Grant – CEO, Wahl Australia
Humaniti | A1 Technologies
“The level of confidence and certainty [we now have] with our IT infrastructure is invaluable.”
Christian Payne – CTO, Humaniti
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