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Worthy migrates to Microsoft 365 to help support families of domestic violence.

About Worthy Australia

Worthy Australia, a Perth-based not-for-profit organisation established in 2021, operates exclusively with a dedicated volunteer team. Their central mission is to address domestic violence-related homelessness across Western Australia. Key initiatives include the Safe Haven program, where they partner with the region’s refuge network to furnish homes for women and children escaping domestic violence. Worthy Australia also aids women in re-entering education and the workforce, offering scholarships to overcome financial obstacles like childcare, uniforms, fuel costs, and tuition fees. The organisation reached out to A1 Technologies for assistance in migrating to Microsoft 365, exploring the possibility of pro bono support to enhance their vital services.

Domestic Violence Support – Worthy Australia

Technology Challenges

As Worthy Australia approached its third year, a critical need for enhanced governance and operating processes emerged to support its continued growth and success. The organisation faced a complex challenge in migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft, requiring a transition from one Microsoft online environment to another. This process involved the release of the tenant by GoDaddy, backing up and deleting email accounts, and setting up anew in the Microsoft environment. A significant concern was the anticipated email downtime of approximately 24 hours during the migration. Although there was a basic understanding of the process and technical aspects, there was a clear recognition of the risks involved and a need for specialist assistance to ensure a smooth and risk-free transition.

``Realising the complexity of changing tenants and implementing better governance processes we were incredibly comforted by the knowledge within A1 technologies and their experience in Microsoft migrations to help us manage the risks with minimal downtime and to ensure the security of our data.``
Tahni Hurst
Board Member & Secretary, Worthy Australia

The Solution

The solution for Worthy Australia’s challenges was the implementation of Microsoft 365 for Not-for-Profit. This platform offers a suite of tools tailored to meet the unique needs of non-profit organisations. Key benefits include enhanced collaboration capabilities, secure data storage, and streamlined communication tools, which are crucial for organisations relying heavily on volunteer efforts. Microsoft 365 also provides robust security features, ensuring sensitive information related to the organisation’s operations and beneficiaries is adequately protected. This transition supports Worthy Australia’s mission by enabling more efficient and effective operations, essential for a growing not-for-profit in a vital social sector.

Jarrod and the team A1 Technologies were amazing to work with throughout the migration. Having completed a full audit of our environment and generating a thorough understanding of our goals they were able to make recommendations to improve our digital environment beyond what we had considered. Jarrod relayed the technical information in an understandable manner and even provided some training to enable us to self-service (in day-to-day operations) going forward.”
Tahni Hurst
Board Member & Secretary, Worthy Australia

The Benefits

  • Improved Collaboration and Productivity: Enhanced tools for communication and collaboration would enable volunteers and staff to work more efficiently, especially in a largely remote working environment.
  • Enhanced Data Security and Compliance: Stronger security features in Microsoft 365 would ensure better protection of sensitive data, crucial for an organisation dealing with vulnerable individuals.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By leveraging Microsoft’s non-profit offerings, Worthy Australia could reduce operational costs, allowing more resources to be allocated directly to their core mission.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: As the organisation grows, Microsoft 365 can adapt to changing needs, easily integrating new users and scaling services as required.
  • Access to Latest Technology and Support: Direct access to Microsoft’s latest tools and dedicated support would ensure the organisation stays current with technology trends and solutions.
“The Not-for-profit sector is A1 Technologies largest customer segment, and that is by design. We love helping good people do good things, and Worthy Australia embodies this to its core. Passionate, intelligent, and dedicated people trying to make a positive impact in other people's lives.``
Rob Rattray
Sales Director, A1 Technologies

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