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How Wahl improved collaboration and security by moving to Microsoft 365.

About Wahl

Since 1919, with the invention of the first electric hair clippers, Wahl Clipper Corporation has been the leader in the professional and home grooming category. Today, with over 1,500 employees worldwide, they carry forward the tradition of innovation and superior customer service to maintain a leadership position in the personal care category.

Technology Challenges

Wahl Australia approached A1 Technologies looking for assistance with moving to the Microsoft 365. Wahl’s internal IT systems had not been updated in a long time and were restricting business operations, particularly their remote workforce’s ability to be productive while on the road.  As Wahl were growing, rapidly, it was important to update their IT environment urgently and futureproof their operations.

How Wahl Improved Collaboration and Security by Moving to Microsoft 365. - A1 Technologies
We knew access to our company information, and the ability to share and work as a team was very limited and somewhat primitive.”
David Grant
CEO, Wahl Australia

Wahl’s inability to share documents and data easily and quickly nationwide was impacting productivity and directly impacting field staffs ability to sell effectively.   In addition, Wahl had not reviewed their internal or external security posture for a number of years – in which time technologies and attack vectors had changed dramatically.

The Solution

After auditing Wahl’s existing IT infrastructure and uncovering their core needs specific to their business, A1 Technologies proposed migrating Wahl to Microsoft 365 Business. This migration would give them incredible flexibility in both how and where they accessed company data, while dramatically improving security, backup, and productivity.

How Wahl Improved Collaboration and Security by Moving to Microsoft 365. - A1 Technologies
It was evident from the first few meetings with David and the team that Wahl could benefit greatly from a cloud-based solution such as Microsoft 365. Wahl were a perfect candidate for moving to a cloud-based solution, specific Microsoft 365; they were scaling rapidly, the had solid internal processes, and they had ageing infrastructure that was causing productivity loss.
Rob Rattray
Sales Director, A1 Technologies

The Benefits

Post-migration, the benefits were quickly evident to Wahl, as they were able to gain seamless and secure access to company data from remote locations across the globe. This helped them greatly improve productivity and collaboration between internal team and partners.

How Wahl Improved Collaboration and Security by Moving to Microsoft 365. - A1 Technologies
We can now access everything we need to from any device, anywhere, anytime. The efficiency and time saving have been far better than we expected.”
David Grant
CEO, Wahl Australia

As an added benefit, due to moving to a more secure and accessible platform, Wahl was able to deprecate aging storage infrastructure and eliminate the need for cumbersome VPN facilities, while improving data security and retention.

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