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Thomas Hopper & Partners (THP) is a multi-disciplinary accountancy and advisory practice, specialising in Taxation and Account, Self Managed Super Funds, and Business Advisory Services.  THP has been providing trusted financial services to small and mid-sized businesses in Sydney for more than 50 years.  Read more about THP.


THP has been experiencing a marked increase in growth over the past five years.
This growth coupled with recent technological innovations meant that their infrastructure just wasn’t adequate to support the operations of the business any longer.

A1 Technologies Partners with THP on Digital Transformation Project
The financial services industry, in particular accountancy and taxation services, have gone through significant technological and regulatory changes in the past ten years. We knew we had to overhaul our entire approach to the business if we wanted to stay competitive, and that started with our infrastructure and technology that supported the business.
Chris Thomas
Partner, Thomas Hopper

THP approached A1 with a brief to accomplish three key objectives:

  • Update their aging legacy infrastructure to support the business’s future growth.
  • Move appropriate systems and applications to the cloud.
  • Support ongoing business operations with reliable helpdesk services.


A1 Technologies Partners with THP on Digital Transformation Project
In addition to achieving the stated objectives, we knew we had to supply a solution that was also scalable and agile enough to handle the seasonal workloads commonly associated with the financial services industry.
Head of Solutions, A1 Technologies

Step one was to design and execute a migration strategy for mission-critical applications that were now available as SaaS offerings or that could migrate to a remote application environment.
The most important part of this stage was having a genuine understanding of THPs processes and user experiences. Once this was thoroughly mapped out, it was a reasonably straightforward process to secure and migrate the data and training the staff on the new applications and processes.

Step two was for A1 to consolidate THPs infrastructure into a hybrid virtualised environment that was scalable and redundant.

For the mission-critical applications and data, we accomplished this using a combination of HPE servers, VMware, and Veeam. We strengthen the solution by using low-cost AWS S3 storage to archive non-critical data that is required to be retained for up to 7 years, as per regulation.

Step three was reasonably straightforward, A1 has a very responsive and capable helpdesk service that could support THP from day one. With a little user training, the THP staff were up and running with the new help desk in no time.

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A1’s bespoke solution for THP has been a great success. As a result, THP has been able to continue their growth trajectory, launch new product offerings, and streamline operational functions, and there is plenty more to come.

A1 Technologies Partners with THP on Digital Transformation Project
The whole process was well managed by A1. From the planning through to the training, they took care of everything and kept us in the loop. We knew what to expect and when to expect it. A1 has been instrumental in our growth over the past five years.
Chris Thomas
Partner, Thomas Hopper
A1 Technologies Partners with THP on Digital Transformation Project
It’s been a pleasure working with THP over the years. We have worked with many financial services businesses, so coming into this project, we had a good idea of what technologies were going to work for them. Nevertheless, we took the time to understand their processes and users’ requirements. I think this is what sets us apart from so many MSP’s in the market today, and it is what led to a successful outcome with THP.
Rob Rattray
CEO, A1 Technologies
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