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Nuzest is a family owned and run nutritional supplement company. The brand launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2012 and is now available in over 15 countries around the world.  Read more about Nuzest Here.

Technology Challenges

With distribution and teams spread across the globe, every fundamental process from manufacturing and logistics, to branding and marketing, is run from their Sydney office. Being able to effectively collaborate and communicate with team members all over the world is essential, especially as the company grows.

Nuzest were having frequent issues with their network, Wi-Fi, and internet which were affecting productivity for all staff and causing understandable frustration.  Their internet bandwidth was too low and frequently a bottleneck for internal productivity and external communications.  To compound the issue, their internal network was not optimally designed to allow for high-bandwidth intense roles such as the Graphic designers which caused their network to become saturated and their Wi-Fi to drop out.

Nuzest needed to resolve their networking issues as a matter of priority to allow the business to operate and communicate effectively and allow the business to scale with minimal interruptions.

Founders: Trevor Bolland (CEO) and Monqiue Bolland (Brand Manager)
Founders: Trevor Bolland (CEO) and Monqiue Bolland (Brand Manager)
How Nuzest improved their IT infrastructure to help them scale globally. - A1 Technologies
“As we scaled globally, our data requirements began out-pacing our capacity causing consistent loss of productivity and frustration. To compound the issue our ability to hold effective meetings with our global partners and distributors was beginning to suffer as well.”
Monique Bolland
Co-founder & Brand Manager

In addition to the networking issues, Nuzest was having difficulty managing security between the business and its partners.  Over time the number of applications and platforms used to facilitate the company’s operations had ballooned and now was taking a considerable amount of overhead to manage the administration and security of each application.  A more streamline and comprehensive security solution was required to reduce overhead, lower the risk of human error, and improve overall security.


Nuzest needed a solution that would allow them to work seamlessly internally while collaborating in near real-time with partners and vendors around the world.

A1 performed a detailed audit of Nuzest infrastructure and also dove deeper to understand the businesses processes and growth strategy for the next 3-5 years.  This deep dive enabled us to gain better insights to design a solution for Nuzest’s needs now and for their future.

Our next step was to deploy a high-speed fibre connection that was 20x faster than their original internet, and at the same cost per month.  We then deployed a business-grade firewall, router, and Wi-Fi to secure the company further and reduce traffic bottlenecks.

Lastly, we consolidated several cloud applications by migrating to Microsoft 365 Business.  Further reducing administrative overhead, improving communications, and dramatically increasing security without affecting productivity.


The result of A1’s assessment and subsequent project led to a great outcome for Nuzest.  The faster internet and more stable network meant less time was needed to complete standard business processes, the quality of remote collaboration improved significantly, and management had more time to focus on the business.

How Nuzest improved their IT infrastructure to help them scale globally. - A1 Technologies
“A1 thoroughly assessed our requirements now, and for the future. We moved to a business-grade fibre solution and the results have been fantastic. We have experienced a marked improvement in internet speeds, collaboration, and productivity. It has been a great experience working with A1.”
Monique Bolland
Nuzest Product Range | A1 Technologies

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