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A1 Deploys Secure AWS Environment For Humaniti

About Humaniti

Humaniti is an innovative consumer financial planning platform with clever dashboard tracking that enables users to know exactly where they are spending their money. Humaniti combines budgeting, savings planning, superannuation and loyalty programme tracking alongside a consumer opinions panel that allows users to earn funds or donate towards global charities.

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Technology Challenges

As a start-up, Humaniti were looking for a solid technology partner to help them design, build, and maintain their cloud environment as they were getting ready to launch their business into the Australian market.

“At the time, we engaged with several suppliers to see what was available. All were very quick to have a short conversation and then came back with a proposal and a significant monthly fee.“
Christian Payne
CTO, Humaniti

With a wealth of experience building technology maps and programs for early-stage ventures, A1 knew that start-ups are likely to have unique needs and wanted to take the time to understand Humaniti’s requirements.

“A1 was the only business to suggest a discovery process where they reviewed our current processes and business objectives and came up with a solution that met our needs.”
Christian Payne
CTO, Humaniti

The Solution

The project started with designing a robust AWS-based cloud infrastructure for Humaniti. This included multi-stage environments, and a highly available, scalable and secure infrastructure, based on AWS Best Practices.

Post-deployment, A1 now provides ongoing management, maintenance, and optimisation of the platform which involves regular code updates and deployments, security audits, and ongoing advice regarding the utilisation of the various AWS add on services that can increase efficiencies and enhance security.

The Benefits

Since designing and launching a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, Christian and his team at Humaniti saw immediate benefits in being able to focus on developing their core product instead of using their time to manage and scale cloud assets.

“The level of confidence and certainty with our IT infrastructure is invaluable. I’ve experienced far too many occasions where good, solid design is done at the start but then very slowly, exceptions, changes & enhancements break the original good design, and we are back to the beginning with an insecure and vulnerable system. While the processes A1 has put in place took a bit of time to adjust to, we’re glad they did this and won’t be changing these in the near future.”
Christian Payne
CTO, Humaniti
“We understand the early stages of any business, especially a startup that is trying to find product / market fit can be stressful and uncertain times. We wanted to provide a level of customer service and technical competency that would give Humaniti confidence on day 1 and day 365.”
Rob Rattray
Sales Director, A1 Technologies

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